Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An Introvert’s Resolution

After a lifetime of scoring five points either side of 50 percent on introvert/extrovert scales, I connected with Tania Runyan‘s blog in Good Letters/Image Journal.org.   I loathe general social chit chat and have learned how to say a lot about nothing while I ask after their welfare.
Years ago an outreach program at church asked me this question? Why do you go to the grocery store?  The answer, in addition to milk, eggs, bacon, etc. is: to meet God in other people and illustrate His love.
A single woman wearing a brightly colored scarf may illicit my comment: thank you for brightening my day with your scarf.  Or, you have such beautiful hair.
To a woman ignoring her cantankerous child while dumping products into her grocery cart at lightning speed: You are a good mom. Someday he’ll appreciate you.
To the checkout clerk: Thanks for your help. Did you survive the holidays?
That much I can handle and I have become comfortable looking for people with whom I can briefly connect and encourage. Ms. Runyan’s perspective lets me know I’m not alone.
Where do you find yourself?