Thursday, February 24, 2011


One sister lives in Canada and we emailed about hiking through airports with carry-on luggage.

My flight last June to meet her and my family in MI involved an LL Bean duffle bag that my husband and I had been using for years to haul stuff. We owned four in sizes medium, large and jumbo. They were tough, expandable, and could be shoved under airplane seats or into overhead bins. I used to see other people use the same green canvass bags.

But on this last trip I was seven years older and my LL Bean duffle bag was stuffed. As I struggled to haul the padded, brown leather strap to my shoulder, I observed everyone else gracefully towing carry-on bags with wheels.

This epiphany did not cheer me in my prospective march from Minneapolis Concourse A to Concourse D Gate 207. When a motorized cart driver took pity and asked if I wanted a ride, I swallowed my pride and climbed on with a couple of octogenarians.  Jorge easily swung the wretched bag onto the cart which earned him five dollars.

A week after I returned home, my husband and I marched to Costco and bought a carry-on bag with wheels.

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