Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A polarity we at Adagio are constantly managing is Medication. That sounds like a single subject but the poles are to medicate and to redirect. They are interdependent. Our energy flows back and forth and around as we consider the ups and downs of both poles.

We all understand the positives of Medication: healing, calm, relief from pain. Simple Vitamin C and D tablets can improve our immune system. The downsides that come with overmedication are lethargy, over-sleeping, and sometimes irrational anger.

Redirection is what we do for ourselves when we are less than vigorous and vital. We go for a walk or we dig into the freezer for the cheesecake we hid under the green beans. We call a friend and hear encouragement.

At Adagio we redirect by massaging cream into their hands or feet. We roll their wheelchair out onto the deck for a few minutes of fresh air, a refreshing view of the flowers, or a view of the boats on Gardner Bay. Playing dominoes or a card game can redirect our resident from their worry or delusion and give them a few moments of joy. We rinse a handful of spoons in hot water and ask the resident to dry them for us. Or we shake out the cloth napkins and ask them to fold, sort, do the type of work they have done all their lives and find meaningful.

Managing Redirection is a continual, constant in our day. The positives include meaning in their lives and feelings of value. Fortunately we are blessed with medical professionals who have the background to make recommendations for Medication and Redirection.

So whether we or a resident describe a symptom or make a complaint, we do not have a problem. We have a polarity to manage.

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