Thursday, June 23, 2011


Caring for Grace has become a meditative practice in patience. Her happiness phrase is “She’s a good one, good, good.” We slowly repeat her words when she is anxious, angry, struggling with over-stimulation. “You are a good one. Good. Good.”

When she strikes out she is telling us she doesn’t understand, and what we are doing is not acceptable. Her verbalization comes in phrases that give us clues. “I need to look over there,” could mean that she can hear talking outside the bathroom and needs assurance of her privacy. “No, no” may mean yes but she needs more time to consider the offer.

Caring for Grace I slow down, breathe quietly and smile. She is a challenge to my charge-ahead energy and a blessing, for today with Grace is a practice of now. Yesterday and tomorrow are irrelevant. Together we walk a path of being rather than production. We share joy as we observe whatever beauty of nature is outside our windows now. And we hold hands and assure each other, “Good. Good.”

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