Thursday, September 1, 2011


Treena reads a National Bestseller paper back under the hair dryer. Her small frame demonstrates her life-long disciplined eating habits and she wears tapered blue jeans with an ironed crease.  Her knit tee shirt bears no logo or witty saying, like "the trouble with reality is that there is no background music." She carries her wit in her head and speaks clearly with a wry sense of humor.

Her hair began thinning in her thirties, unlike her younger sister who inherited their mother’s thick hair. Three years ago her sister was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease which she inherited from their grandmother. The inequities cause Treena to laugh and inform her expectations of beauty.

The People magazine cover next to her chair pictures only attractive people 50 years her junior and she mostly doesn’t care. Her life has been full and she now feasts on the overflow.

Treena gestures to her hair. “It stinks. But I have arthritis in my hands and arms and can’t comb the back. When my friends come to pick me up they comb the back.”

She volunteers the subject of wigs. “Last time I wore my wig to work, when I took it off I realized I’d worn it backwards all day.”

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