Wednesday, August 8, 2012


“God made man because he loves stories.”  Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlev (as quoted by Steve Sanfield)

One summer in the ‘50s our family was traveling in Canada and touring Toronto building sites. Okay maybe it was Niagara Falls in the early 60’s. Does it matter? We were stopped at a cross street with the windows open because in those days cars had air conditioning called “can you please crank open the window.”  Especially when four children are arranged on a bench seat designed for three small adults. A pedestrian crossed in front of us and stumbled, barely catching his balance. My younger sister burst out a braying laugh that of course carried to the luckless man. We then began to laugh at her and compounded our sin toward the innocent pedestrian. (Posted with permission.)

A minister had counseled a young couple and was now walking up the side aisle of the church with the groom. The bridesmaids processed in fancy dresses. The bride’s father escorted her up the center aisle and stood on her right side while the beginning of the marriage form was read.

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” From the way her dress fit the giving had been accomplished months before. As he turned to sit in the pew next to his wife, the father caught his foot in the bride’s train and a ripping sound suspended all breathing for a second.

Calmly, the minister encouraged the couple to step up to the altar. He commenced reading the marriage form until he heard himself producing a spoonerism of the words lawfully joined. “If there is anyone here who knows of a reason why this man and this woman may not be joyfully…..”  With barely a pause he skipped the second word and finished, “let them speak up now or forever hold their peace.”

The minister visited his parishioner in the hospital and was astounded to find the man in bed, his leg trussed up in a full cast.

“Whatever happened, man? I thought you came in for hemorrhoids?”

“Well, Reverend, I did. But I climbed up on the dresser there so I could see my stitches.”

Tell me a story....

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