Monday, February 18, 2013


In the Pacific NW we have a practice: when the sun shines and the clouds stay west over the ocean, leave whatever you’re doing and get outside. Friday was such a day and we drove to the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park along with about 200 strangers. The sun was welcome and so warm we weren’t out of the car five minutes before we took off our jackets and put them back into the car. It was easy to tell who had been enjoying the park the longest: they wore the least coverings. Children squirmed and escaped in t-shirts. An overdressed man struggled with a malevolent kite that kept dipping and threatening people studying the rocks as the tide went out. I found several small star fish on large rocks.  

Then it was time to return home and back to work.

The sculptor, Louise Nevelson wrote about her work in Dawns and Dusks, “Because it’s living. It’s like pure water; it’s living. The essence of living is in doing, and in doing I have made my world.”


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