Friday, May 17, 2013


Family caregivers need respite or their physical and emotional health will be adversely affected. Asking for help is a first step. Naps, even short ones, rejuvenate the caregiver. Now if we could only get everyone who thinks they need to talk with us to cooperate during these brief rests, full benefit would be received.

Rest Disrupted
I rest with head and feet raised on two pillows each,
My ping pong mind dribbling slower
And slower among my duties past and future

When the phone rings, once. Annoyed awake I focus
On possible callers: A ring once and hang up. Perhaps
They’ll try again. Or someone in the house answered

And heard important information. More likely
They were offered a billing service if our company
Accepts credit card payments. Or a sales
Rep in North Carolina sees we should be needing
Disinfectant. Which makes me wonder
From my bed if we have used up the six gallons

We bought last year to receive free shipping.
Not likely. Or the recorded voice was NOT concerned
About our credit card but we should know--at

Which point I would press “1”  to remove our name
From their list, an action that hasn’t worked
In six years. No footfalls in the hall mean no one

Is coming to get me. But the damage is done;
Curiosity rattles rest from my mind and
The fall out shoves me from the bed. Finis.

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