Sunday, June 30, 2013


License plate on an SUV.

The dark SUV waited next to us at the traffic light before we both turned left onto the 526 entrance ramp. When they pulled ahead as the ramp narrowed to a single lane, I read the message on their license plate. Considering the obnoxious and aggressively political stickers on other cars, I was impressed. The SATISFID driver veered right to travel south to Seattle. I wished them well.

We continued over the hill facing east. The Cascades stretched out before us like a century’s long dragon tail, the mountains’ peaks boasted white covering remnants above 12,000 feet.  The air was unusually clear and we could see the crevices and outcroppings normally hidden in blue grey haze this time of year. Blue sky bowled up and over the mountains accented by high, white cirrus clouds.

We smiled. Our conversation expressed satisfaction: We get to live here. We are healthy. We have the money to shop at Costco for our unusual family. Our car runs. We haven’t received any emergency phone calls. Etc. Here is our appreciation for the family who chose to publically express the unusual sentiment of contentment.

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