Tuesday, August 20, 2013


A found poem takes verbiage from an unpoetic source and shuffles the rhythm and words.  We saw a bumper sticker with the following advice:

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs
of Dragons...For You are 
Crunchy & Good with Ketchup
Food is what you give your dragons
in order for them to gain experience
and increase their flight level. Dragon food
is produced in camouflaged farms
to prevent them from foraging themselves sick.
These farms can be upgraded to unlock
a wider variety of plants that will
then produce larger stacks of food.
If you are serious about training a dragon,
you must keep them fed or they will begin
to view their keepers as a viable food source.
Other ways to obtain food include:
a gift from friends, or
inside mystery eggs, being visited
by friends’ balloons, or completing
certain goals for daily prizes.
Whatever source you choose,
be consistent and stay out of reach.
                   Maxine Brink  © 2013

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