Saturday, November 2, 2013


Into every kingdom a dragon will at some time creep, unbidden and fearful. Ever since Eden. It may happen as soon as a child is born to a parent with undeveloped boundaries, or the fire-breathing dragon may greet you at the door to your sixth-grade classroom. We learn quickly what nourishes and what irritates the dragon into erupting like an unpredictable volcano. The dragon in your life may show itself to be a co-worker or supervisor who boldly or perhaps obliquely stings under your skin depositing venom that festers.

Some inhabitants of the kingdom may foolishly think they can corral and train dragons. They torch their energy in vain with self-diminishing results. We are never prepared when the bite comes, shock setting off explosive response. We should not be surprised when we find ourselves cowering in avoidance.

Dementia can be a dragon. Remembering this at all times is the trick to survival. Caution can be exhausting. Learning to embrace the dragon, but just out of reach, is all consuming but gives the caregiver perspective. The dragon will never understand boundaries, but for our own protection boundaries are crucial.  “I am me and you are the habitat of the dragon. I care for myself first and then I can move in and treasure you, care for you and supply your emotional needs.”

Remember, you are never alone in the battle and many supporting wizards are prepared to strengthen you. Consult or similar websites for caregiver support groups. 

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