Friday, January 10, 2014


Adult Family Homes (six or fewer beds) are strictly regulated by the State government. (Pause for a moment to find/think gracious thoughts about regulatory government. I thought of one and don’t have time to manufacture more so we move on.) One of our procedures for new caregivers is Orientation Training. Basically it reminds us of many things that should be common sense. The section describing good communication makes thoughtful reading for anyone who is not a hermit.

“Communicating well means more than talking to a client. It means:
-      Watching the client’s body language carefully to see what his or her actions and gestures may be telling you.
-      Listening carefully to any comments from the client.”
“Good communication helps:

-      Get you the information you need to do your job.

-      Things go smoothly….

-      Keep things calmer in stressful situations.”

Living in transition is stressful, and while we humans are created for change, we have evolved an automatic brake pedal when told by others we need modification. When the brake is applied a loud ooga horn sounds warning. There may not be an actual sound, but our facial expression can speak as loudly as a klaxon on a diving submarine.

Deliberately making moments of grace throughout the day protects us and those with whom we need to communicate.   Taking five deep breaths with slow exhalation before eating.    Thinking a positive mantra whenever we sit at a traffic light.     Enumerating qualities of someone who pushes our buttons when we know we will be communicating with them.    We are the primary beneficiaries.


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