Sunday, April 13, 2014


No matter how long we care for people in our home, Adagio AFH, we never get used to experiencing their decline. We resist their disintegration as vigorously as possible without impinging on their right to die.

After only two weeks working with Hospice, we succumbed to the inevitable and gave comfort care only. Early Wednesday morning our resident took in a shallow breath and then no more.

Saturday we attended a continuing education class at our pharmacy supplier considering the subject “End of Life.” Considering our recent experience, the presenters helped me differentiate Palliative Care when the symptoms are serious but not fatal, and Hospice Care when we no longer look for solutions and a cure. Our ultimate goal is to help give “good death.”

Our grieving family has been gifted with exceptional weather for travel back to home base and warm, sunny days as they circle around the area of their childhood making their plans.

Viewing the pastel sunset last night, I reviewed a few comments made in our training.  Our 30ish pharmacist reminded us of the earthquakes and deadly landslides we have experienced this past month. “We never know if today will be our last.” We treasure each sunset as though it is our last.

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