Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mindful Living in Space

Space can be a matter of time, physical property, presence in and beyond our earth. We may value space as an interval of rest, of remembrance.  

May 25 was Memorial Day, or Decoration Day as we used to call it. Flags in cemeteries marked the graves of veterans. In too many homes the day was somber. Family and friends who are no longer with us were remembered. I saw posted on Facebook a picture of this person's Marine friend who has been gone for six years, but not forgotten.

Several of our passed residents were veterans of the Second World War. Monday we remembered them and the nightmares that told us more about their involvement than their conscious stories.

Not only military personnel are remembered. Positioned between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there is a space where many valued persons used to be. As each is unique, that space is not readily filled. Nor need it be. It remains a memorial.



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