Monday, December 13, 2010


Theo has been a leader all his life. A retired business owner, he has strong ideas about what he wants in his church. He has the money to buy agreement for his opinions, and does so.

Pieter has been a leader all his life. A professional who works with groups and associations, he has ideas about what he wants in his church. He has the money to buy his way, but he understands the importance of process.

Crystal has been a leader all her life. She is a valuable volunteer in both church and community. She refuses to be elected but serves self-appointed. She is a satellite swooping overhead 24-7 picking up tidbits from everyone’s lives. She fits them together with uncanny accuracy. She is never malicious with her information, but she likes to know it all.

Marcus has been a leader all his life. He is the accounting partner in a prosperous business. His hobby is building intricate rail road layouts. At church he is serving as chairman of a sound system committee and is terrified of making a mistake. So he tables motions, insists on collecting more information, and delays producing a proposal month after month.

Tammy and Donald have been leaders all their lives. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and worried the details of their party until rescued by their daughter. They flutter around relationships in their church and see both sides to every issue.

Against his wife’s better judgment, Phillip was elected to the church board as an elder. He has proven to be a man of few but thoughtful words. He asks questions that lead the board to profitable discussions that put the brakes on Theo. Board meetings are now adjourned by 10:30 pm because Phillip gets up at 3:00 am for work. The process and quality of Board deliberation has improved.

If we take another look at “Irene” dangling above my profile, we clearly see that each element in SueRena Curtis‘s mobile is integral to the whole. I can’t imagine her without her hat, curly hair or neck piece, can you?

As St. Paul wrote in I Corinthians 12, “Your body has many parts…but no matter how many parts you can name, you’re still one body.”  And many parts swinging together enhance any process.

from The Message. Eugene H. Peterson

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