Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When my husband serves churches as Certified Transitional Minister, he is not there to preach the saints into his own version of a new system. He holds up a mirror so they can see the reality of what their system is accomplishing. He takes a picture of the myriad foot paths marring the beauty of their congregation (Post TT2). If the members study the picture and consider their ways, they can begin to ask questions. Questions can lead to a new way of walking.

I was describing to a visitor why we had moved six times in 12 years and he began to smile. For 20 years he had served an international company as trouble shooter. If an area office was failing to meet its goals, he might be called in to assess the situation. He visited shops, suppliers and transporters. He interviewed and observed employees, both management and workers. He made few comments until he wrote his report.

Every organization develops a system and sometimes it works. Sometimes the System outlives its efficacy. So many detours have developed around the System that separating tradition from fact is next to impossible. The Vision of the organization can no longer be succinctly stated. Past history just goes on, until controversy builds barriers between members. Distance digs trenches. Bridges are blown up. Transitions become discordant road blocks.

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