Monday, November 29, 2010


A law tells us what the lawmaker considers important.

For example, Keep Off the Grass informs us that someone has put effort and expense into the green turf.

I observed such a sign. It obviously was effective because the grass was neatly kept. Bordering the grass was an island with shrubbery and mulch. A foot path had been worn next to the bushes. Branches were broken off leaving pathetic stubs proferring a few forlorn leaves. The grass was preserved at the expense of the shrubs.

A system isn’t born in a day. First comes a need that requires solution and if the need is repeated, a foot path becomes visible. Over time we walk the path so often our mind is free to wander elsewhere.

Over time our needs change. We develop new ways of walking but the old paths remain. Some become institutionalized and revered. We call them Time Honored Traditions.

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