Thursday, November 11, 2010


Especially on Veterans' Day we remember the individuals we know who served as protectors of our liberty.

My mother, Agnes Vander Molen served as a nurse in WWII. She was 95 in June.
Brother-in-law, Bob served with the Navy off the coast of Vietnam.
Our son, Chad served with the Marines in Kuwait and Korea.
My nephew, Jack served in the Army.
My niece's husband is serving in Afghanistan.

There are others and you can name those who represent your family unit.

Thank you to each one. We celebrate your service.
Freedom isn't free.


  1. I was fortunate to be able to visit Omaha Beach with my mother in 1996. We found the grave of my dad's brother John in the American cemetery there; John was a young Captain who was killed 6 days after D-Day. All these years later, the French people still remember and are grateful for our soldiers' efforts and sacrifices on their behalf. An amazing experience being there, on the spot where it happened; an experience I'm sure I will remember.

  2. What an emotional trip. The story of your visit is worth repeating. Thank you.