Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Every home, every organization has a working system, whether or not we can identify it.

At Adagio we have a system for cleaning that everyone has signed on to so no one feels like Cinderella. We have a system for meals. For example, Sunday is roast beef, Monday some form of piggy, Tuesday ham loaf because two residents can no longer chew spiral cut ham. Wednesday we prepare two recipes of chicken and something else for the resident who can’t swallow chicken. Week in week out, the system gives us efficiency and flexibility.

We have a system for cooking. We buy beef and pork in chunks weighing upward of 15 pounds. My husband slow roasts it and then I divide it into commercial plastic boxes for freezing. We order 30 pounds of ham ground with pork sausage from D&D Meats (great meat market in Mt. Lake Terrace). We divide it into one-meal loaves and freeze it.

If one person changes their dietary needs, that change affects the whole system. We used to bake exclusively with sugar. Now we study ways to cut sugar and carbohydrates for our diabetic.

I worked for a company that hired a new person who freely used the “f” word. She changed the atmosphere in the whole office.

We served a church where two or three families adamantly pushed for change that didn’t fit with the stated vision. When they flounced out to join a “more progressive” church in town, the entire congregation breathed a sigh of relief.

Personnel, illness, death, job loss are all changes that affect the system. Picture “Irene” with her left eye spinning. Your expectations of this blog would change. Actually, that sounds like fun.

If an element of the system doesn't work, we do not enshrine it and call it Tradition. We change. We transition.

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