Monday, March 21, 2011


A friend teaches at a private school. They are preparing to move into a new campus this summer. The powers-that-be decided the physical change could be impetus for evaluation of their program. Each department has been meeting to evaluate their curriculum and teaching methods. Parents and staff have been meeting to evaluate school policies on dress, discipline, everything social.  Sports, music, theater programs are being studied and rated in importance and allotted funding. It has been intensive work, but they have a vision.

Years ago I heard of one church that accepted a similar challenge. They cancelled all activities and meetings for six months. They had earlier hammered out a vision statement, a vision that unified and propelled them to spiritual growth. Then they gathered in groups and discussed what they missed and didn’t miss.

Other congregations have been challenged to cancel worship as they know it and gather in small groups for prayer and Bible reading. Then they would be prepared to study historical and contemporary worship and intentionally plan their community worship services anew.

Few group entities have the incentive and energy to review their situation. It is scary to examine any system and identify the elements that work and re-design those that don’t. Such a process highlights turf wars (I like...) and, inevitably, shrinkage of membership happens.

For a family or an organization or a business to reform its system, each individual would need to willingly be reformed. To risk emptying all the baggage.


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