Friday, January 7, 2011


For the past year conversing on the telephone with my 95-year-old mother has been challenging. During a conversation we ask or answer a question, hear her pause, and then she responds according to what she thinks we said. She emails to all my siblings her version of our conversation. We have agreed that what we read about each other and our children may not be accurate. We think still getting emails from her is remarkable. We treasure her and them.

20 years ago I lost a large percentage of the hearing in my right ear. My children forbade me to whisper in a public place. My husband accused me of selectively not hearing him. We don’t eat in noisy restaurants. I am quite good at hearing a few words of a conversation and deciphering the rest. I thought.

This morning I took a hearing test. Again I was told that there was little a hearing aid could do for me.

My husband empathized with my feelings of loss and sorrow. Then he said, “What irritates me is when you think you hear me and argue according to what you think I said.”


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