Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The “golem” concept garnered almost as many responses as “Egyptian Gold”. I thank you for your emails. Feel free to use the Comment capability of the blog. I am still mulling meanings and illusions from our use of folklore.

I think living “truth” is as difficult as staring into the sun. We lack the necessary equipment. White lies, denials, avoidance allow us to function despite our failures.

Pain is more natural than happiness. But we carefully construct our lives as if the opposite were true. We desire to be viewed as complete. Vibrantly healthy. Innately good. To quote Kay Ryan, “we count on persiflage.”

Then we come together in an organization like the Church.  We dutifully record the story of our congregation until a chapter erupts in conflict and we don’t look so good.

The truth of the Church is as bloody as any country’s wars. We can never create a golem strong enough, wise enough to protect us. That doesn’t stop me from trying.

The truth, if we choose to accept it, is that the story has been told. It is finished. We are the addendum, the mere illustration of fact.

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